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Siamese Cat Breed Personality, Lifespan, Price – Kitten Special info

The Siamese, the popular short-haired breed of domestic cat, is originally from Thailand, a country whose official name was Siam until 1939. The Siamese is a burnt long-bodied cat with slender legs and a long slender tail. It has a long wedge-shaped head and blue eyes.

Some Siamese has crossed eyes or twisted tails, but these characteristics are discouraged by breeders of show animals. The Siamese was first exported from Siam to the United States in 1878 and to the United Kingdom in 1884.

By 1902 the first Cat Fanciers’ Club dedicated to the Siamese cat was established in the United Kingdom, and by 1906 the Cat Fanciers’ Association officially recognized the breed.

Kittens are born white or cream-colored and later develop the black dots of the breed. The dots can be dark brown, blue-gray, milk-chocolate brown, pinkish gray, or reddish-orange.

Color and coat pattern are genetically recessive characteristics; That is, there is no characteristic evident in the immediate progeny of a Siamese that mixes with any other breed.

Such dark spots are manifestations of temperature-sensitive albinism, in which the black pigment eumelanin, a type of melanin, is concentrated in the cat’s extremities.

History Of Siamese Cat

The beautiful light-colored cat with striking color points in the seal, lilac, chocolate, and blue made its Western Hemisphere debut in Victorian England in 1871 at the Crystal Palace Cat Show in London.

She was promoted as the Royal Cat of Siam, which is what we now call her. Thailand. It should come as no surprise that the first Siamese to come to the United States came as a dignitary.

In 1879, the US consulate in Bangkok sent one of Thailand’s unusual cats to Lucy Hayes, the wife of President Rutherford B. Other twists of the breed in the spotlight include representations in the family favorite films “The Incredible Journey,” “The Aristocats” and “Lady and the Tramp.” Today the Siamese is one of the most popular cat breeds registered by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Breed Characteristics

Adaptability 5 PointsEnergy Level 5 Points
Shedding Level 2 PointsAffection Level 5 Points
Grooming 1 PointSocial Needs 5 Points
Child Friendly 4 PointsHealth Issues 1 Point
Stranger Friendly 5 PointsDog Friendly 5 Points
Intelligence 5 Points

Personality and Temperament

Siamese people are extremely inquisitive, but also smart and demanding. If you want a Siamese just for their looks, think again. This is a cat that has a passion for its people and will involve itself in whatever they are doing.

Siamese’s Cat Image

When they’re not around, he’ll entertain himself by turning on the tap, opening cabinets, finding new hideouts, disappointing anyone who finds him, and watching television with apparent interest.

He may also be ready to walk on a leash and play with the same enthusiasm as a certain four-legged animal that he disdains.

Nicknamed Meijer, Siamese may be more famous – or infamous – for their sound than for their voice. He’ll “talk” to you throughout the day and night, expressing his opinion on what you’re feeding him, what you’re doing, how much attention you’re giving him, and whether the dog is next door.

doing. If you appreciate his sculpted looks and don’t mind his occasional bad language, then he might just be the heck for you.

To keep your Siamese entertained and out of trouble, provide him with puzzle toys that require him to think and move to release treats or kibble, use a clicker to teach him tricks, Toss a small ball to fetch, and train him to run on an agility course (really!), place a bird feeder in your window for your viewing pleasure, or teach him to walk on a leash and take him for a walk.

Go. Siamese love people of all ages, including children, and all they ask is that you spend a lot of time with them, talking to them, playing with them, and generally keeping them entertained.

He likes to be the center of attention, but he can get along well with dogs and other cats. In fact, if you move during the day it is a good idea to have another Siamese or other animal to keep him company.

With Children And Other Pets

The active and social Siameses are a perfect choice for families with children and cat-friendly dogs. He will play like any retriever, learns tricks easily, and loves the attention he gets from children who treat him with humility and respect.

About Siamese Cat Health

All cats have the potential to develop genetic health problems, just as all people have the potential to acquire a particular disease. Any breeder who claims that his breed has no health or genetic problems is either lying or is not knowledgeable about the breed.

Do not run, walk to a breeder who does not guarantee the health of kittens, who tells you that the breed is 100 percent healthy and has no known problems, or who tells you that her kittens are major The part is separated from the household for health reasons.

The modern Siamese cat with its wedge-shaped head may be more prone to respiratory and dental problems than cats with the less extreme head type, and some Siamese with occasionally crossed eyes or kinked tails There is a problem.

Other problems reported in the breed include bladder stones; eye problems such as glaucoma and progressive retinal atrophy; heart problems; and some types of cancer.

Remember that when you bring a new kitten into your home, you have the power to protect him from one of the most common health problems: obesity.

Keeping a Siamese at an appropriate weight is one of the easiest ways to protect his overall health. Make the most of your preventative abilities to help ensure a healthy cat for life.


The Siamese’s short coat is easy to groom. Comb her weekly with a stainless steel comb. Trim nails as needed, usually every 10 to 14 days.

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Cats can be prone to periodontal disease, so brush their teeth at home with vet-approved pet toothpaste and schedule regular veterinary dental cleanings.

In literature and film

Siamese cats have been heroes in literature and film for adults and children since the 1930s. Claire Turley is a Siamese kitten running from a New York apartment in Newbery’s Babette in 1937.

British publisher Michael Joseph recorded his relationship with his Siamese cat in Charles: The Story of a Friendship (1943). The “Siamese Cat Song” sequence in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp (1955), which features the cats “C” and “M”, both named after the former name of Thailand, where the breed originated, “owns its racial Notorious for illustration”.

Siamese’s cats”. In the film, C and M are known to wreak havoc against the Lady, a fish inside a bowl, and furniture in the house in an attempt to “drown it”. [citation needed] 1958 Bell, in the film adaptation of Book and Candle as Kim Novak’s own Siamese cat “Picket”, the acquaintance of a witch.

Sheila Burnford’s The Incredible Journey (1961) tells the story of three pets, including a Siamese The cat “Tao” is also included as they travel 300 miles (480 km) into the Canadian wilderness in search of their beloved master.

The book was a modest success when first published, but became widespread after 1963. became known when it was loosely adapted from Walt Disney into a film of the same name.

Disney also cast the same Siamese as “DC” for the 1965 crime caper The Dark Cat! The New York Times commented, “The Feline Who Plays the Informer, As F.B.I. They say she is wonderful. This elegant, blue-eyed creature is the epitome of tenderness and grace”.

7 Mysteriously Beautiful Siamese Cats and Kittens

  1. Coat Coloring
  2. An Old Breed
  3. Common Traits
  4. Royal Treatment
  5. Presidential Cats
  6. Movie Stars
  7. A Talkative Breed

The Siamese Care

The Siamese’s short, fine coat is easily cared for with a weekly comb to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils. Brush your teeth to prevent periodontal disease.

Daily dental hygiene is best, but weekly brushing is better than nothing.

It is a good idea to keep a Siamese cat as an indoor-only cat to protect it from diseases spread by other cats, attacks and other hazards from dogs or coyotes, and other hazards that can be caused by outgoing cats. encounters, such as being hit by a car.

Siamese people who go outside are also at risk of being stolen by someone who wants to have such a beautiful cat without paying.

8 Best Foods for Siamese Cats

Smalls Human-Grade Raw Cow Cat Food
Dr. Elsey’s clean protein Grain-Free Canned Cat Food – Best Value
Royal Canin Siamese Dry Cat Food
Purina Beyond Simply Whitefish & Egg Dry Cat Food
Kitten Chow Nurture Muscle & Brain Dry Cat Food – Best for Kittens
Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Canned Cat Food
Go! Sensitivity + Shine Grain-Free Duck Canned Cat Food
Ziwi Peak Mackerel & Lamb Recipe Canned Cat Food

Adopting a Cat from Siamese Rescue or a Shelter

Facts About Siamese Cat

  • Siamese is great at learning tricks and are even better at training their people to do what they want.
  • The Siamese has a distinctive “spiky” coat: a light-colored background with dark dots in the seal, lilac, chocolate, and blue on the ears, mask, legs, and tail. Other point colors include tabby, red, cream, silver, and smoke.

Siamese Cat Review

Siamese Cat FAQs:

How long do Siamese cats live?

Siamese cats live to an average of 15 to 20 years of age.

How Big Do Siamese Cats Get?

Siamese cats, affectionately known as “Meijers”, are small- to medium-sized cats that weigh 8 to 14 pounds when they are full.

Why are Siamese cats so vocal?

Siamese cats are so vocal because they tend to be more social than other cats. They want to communicate with you!

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