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Chorkie: Height, Weight, Lifespan, Care Special Info

The Chorkie is known by a number of names, including the Yorkiechi and the Chorkie. This canine is the combination of breeding a Yorkshire Terrier with a Chihuahua, and the result is a small canine with a lively station and an intriguing fleece.

In fact, these tykes fall in the” so uncomely that they are cute” order. Although they are not likely to win any beauty contests, they do win a lot of hearts with their lovable personalities.

There’s no record of who first began pairing these two types on a regular base, and the tykes are still substantially produced by pairing one parent from each strain.

This may be because these tykes don’t” breed true” when two Chorkies are paired together. This means they don’t retain the ideal characteristics set up in the first-generation parentage.

  • Origin: United States of America
  • Height: 6-9 inches
  • Weight: 8-10 Pounds
  • Size: Small
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Colors: The Chorkie can come in any color common to the Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier, including Brown, white, silver, blue, black, steel blue, and tan Their coloring can be solid or a mix of colors

Breed characteristics

Not all Yorkie chihuahua blends will inherit analogous traits from each of their parents. It’s possible to have Chorkies display more physical characteristics of a Yorkshire terrier’s chihuahua and behavioral characteristics or vice versa.

Size: 1PointExercise Needs: 2Point
Easy To Train: 3PointAmount of Shedding: 2Point
Grooming Needs: 2PointGood With Children: 2Point
Health of Breed: 3PointCost To Keep: 1Point
Intelligence: 3PointTolerates Being Alone: 1Point


While the Chihuahua strain began in Mexico, Yorkshire Terriers come all the way from jolly old England. But the Chorkie mixed canine strain’s roots are much near to home and most probably from right then, in the United States.

While they may have been natural over time, it was not until the early 1990s that developer breeders started designedly mixing Chihuahuas and Yorkies, creating the lovable, sweet Chorkie.

One other developer tykes started to pop up, breeders likely decided to mix the two parent types to produce a small, lovable companion canine. They continued to produce Chorkies as demand for the doggy grew.

Indeed though the Chorkie got their launch as a developer strain, some have ended up in harbors or in the care of deliverance groups. Consider relinquishment if you decide this is the mixed strain for you.

Check your original harbors, look up Chorkie rescues, or check with strain-specific Yorkshire Terrier or Chihuahua rescues, as they occasionally help tore-home mixed types.

Cookies are honored by the following clubs

  • American Canine Hybrid Club
  • The developer tykes Kennel Club
  • The International developer Canine Registry
  • Dog Registry of America
  • The developer Breed Registry


Because Cookies are a mongrel strain of Yorkshire terriers and Chihuahuas, these tykes can have an array of varied appearances. Like their parent types, full-overgrown Chorkies — occasionally spelled” Chorky” or” Chiaki” tend to be small in elevation, importing in around 10 pounds and standing 6 – 9 elevation altitudinous.

A Chorkie can inherit the long flowing cinches of a Yorkie, the smooth, candescent fleece of a Chihuahua, or, more likely, some combination of the two. Their eyes and tips tend to be black or dark brown, and their cognizance is frequently suggestive of triangles.

” Due to mixing of their strain, it’s delicate to prognosticate what a specific doggy will be like — in both appearance and disposition,” Louviere says.” And this can come indeed be more variable if we are talking beyond first-generation Yorkie and Chihuahua crosses.

still, these pups are generally small in size, with cute round eyes and upright cognizance, although indeed this can vary!”

Because of their mixed strain lineage, Chorkies also come in a range of colors and patterns. Yorkies tend to be black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, and blue and gold, while Chihuahuas may be a range of tones and patterns in black, white, fawn, chocolate, argentine, or tableware.

Cookies can inherit some — or a blend of — these colors and combinations. Whether you hope to borrow a tan Chorkie or a black Chorkie, you are sure to find pups in every color quintet out there.


The canine is sweet and loves to spend time with family members of all periods and indeed faves. The Yorkie chihuahua blend personality will vary quite a bit and depend largely upon whether they inherit further Yorkie or Chihuahua traits.

Chorkie is a smart little canine and needs attention and training to get into mischief. Indeed though he’s little, he needs a plenitude of exercises to keep him both calm and healthy.


A Chorkie blend is one-half Yorkshire Terrier and one-half Chihuahua. It would mean one parent is a thoroughbred Yorkie, and the other parent is a thoroughbred Chihuahua.

Chorkie makes a fascinating pet; these tykes aren’t suitable for every family. They’re a bit too small to make good companions for families with youthful children, but they can work well for aged children.


Cross-breed tykes tend to inherit the same health issues and pitfalls as their parent types. In the Chorkie’s case, that means it’s important to understand the health and life of Yorkshire terriers and Chihuahuas.

Yorkshire terriers tend to live long, happy lives between 11 – 15 times, though they can face certain health issues. This strain is at threat of conditions including patella luxation, hypothyroidism, collapsing tracheas, Legg- Calve- Perthes complaint, and portosystemic shunts.

Like other small types, they also suffer from dental issues that can beget tooth loss, decay, and dental complaint, which is why diurnal tooth-brushing and regular checks and cleanings at the warhorse are so important.

His other parent strain, the Chihuahua, has an anticipated lifetime of 10 – 18 times. Chihuahuas are generally healthy, but these bitsy pups can develop certain health issues too.

Like Yorkies, Chihuahuas are also susceptible to patellar luxation. In addition, they may suffer from heart complaints, epilepsy, folic acid insufficiency, and hypoglycemia.

Responsible breeders of Yorkies and Chihuahuas, as well as Chorkie breeders, will screen parent pups for known inheritable conditions before breeding.

However, be sure to do your schoolwork and only work with estimable breeders, If you are on the quest for Chorkie puppies. With a clean bill of health as a puppy dog, regular visits to the warhorse, good nutrition, and plenitude of exercise, you can anticipate your doggy’s lifetime to be overhead of 15 times.

Dental Health Checkup

Proper dental health care is important for every canine; also, it’s veritably important for the Chorkie. Encounter your pet’s teeth at least 2 or 3 times a week. You get special toothpaste and toothbrush for the puppy dog, and your warhorse can guide you on how to use them.

However, he can witness tartar figures- up, If you don’t attend to your pet’s teeth. It can lead to good complaints and tooth loss. Not only that, bad teeth can affect other corridors of the body too.


As with all tykes, you should keep up with your Chorkie’s regular veterinary checks to descry any health enterprises beforehand. Your warhorse can help you develop a care routine that will keep your canine healthy.

Anal gland expression is also generally demanded with lower breeds. However, they may bear having their anal glands expressed If you find your canine” scooting” or dragging its bottom on the ground. You can either do this yourself or request this during a fixing appointment.

occasionally groomers do it automatically, though not always. Mention it beforehand so this unwelcome task does not get skipped.

The Chorkie is prone to hyperactive tear glands, which can beget tear stains near their eyes. Keeping a clean kerchief or cloth hard and dabbing them periodically can really minimize tear stains.

Check their cognizance for debris and pests daily and clean them as recommended by your warhorse. Trim your canine’s nails before they get too long– generally formerly or doubly per month. They shouldn’t be clicking against the bottom. Your groomer can help with this.

Your main concern when it comes to your Chorkie’s care will be maintaining oral health. You should brush your teeth daily, as small types are prone to dental issues. Your veterinarian can instruct you on how to brush your canine’s teeth duly. Dental chews can help significantly, as well.

Best food for

Feed Healthy food

They’re high-energy tykes and play a lot; they need a proper and healthy diet to keep the pet fit. A Chorkie needs about a mug of healthy mess per day that contains high-quality feed like meat, milk, and canine food.

Feeding a healthy mess in the canine’s life is the most important. On this day, numerous healthy foods are available on request so that you can choose any healthy food for your canine.

Healthy food is most important for canine health care. The youthful Chorkie canine isn’t a hearty eater as utmost types his size. He must frequently encourage meat authorities or bacon grease blend in the food to allure him to eat.

Feeding Plan

Cookies are extremely high-energy tykes and should be fed with a high-quality variety of dry kibble to condense all their nutritive requirements.

Please give them ½ to 1 mug of high-quality dry kibble every day resolving into at least two or three refections. Their food should contain further quantities of calories in comparison to large tykes to give balanced energy situations.


These tykes do need regular brushing to remove loose hairs and befuddlements. One to two cataracts per month is generally sufficient to keep them clean. Some Cookies have short hair, but some have long hair which needs proper grooming. Trim the nails if they’re grown or doubly in a month. Professional grooming is also judicious if needed.


Chorkie Puppy Training

The Chorkie maintains a bit of confidence and intransigence from its parent types. At times they can be veritably stubborn, and proper training will keep them in line.

jalopy Training

The jalopy is an important training tool for nearly every canine, especially for families with youthful children. jalopy training is important for any proprietor for passages to the warhorse, traveling, boarding, etc. jalopy training your canine can be an effortless process if you follow the way in this companion and give lifelong benefits to your canine.

Behavioral training

Behavioral training is veritably important for any canine. All of us, canine possessors, need to administer some canine geste training at some point in time. Behavioral training is veritably helpful for taking care of the dog.

However, find out some common behavioral issues like breaking, and aggression, If you want to train your puppy dog in Behavioral training. Stop these behavioral issues and train your canine fluently.

Obedience training

Obedience training generally refers to a canine’s exertion, and the term is most generally used in that environment. It ranges from veritably introductory training, similar to tutoring the canine to reliably respond to introductory commands similar to “ sit, ” “ down, ” “ come, ” and “ stay, ” to high-position competition.

Training a canine in obedience can be an ongoing and lengthy process depending on the canine, the styles used, and the skill and understanding of both the coach and the tutor.


utmost small tykes generally get enough exercise running around the house or yard. These tykes profit from a diurnal walk around the block. They also bear a routine to avoid restlessness. Yorkie chihuahua blend is energetic and enjoys playing around the home and theater, but are small enough not to need numerous other exercises.

Giving your Chorkie exercise is important because it helps to stimulate the mongrel’s mind. This act of internal engagement tends to have an overall comforting effect on the puppy dog, leading them to have a lower yappy station.

Effects to consider espousing a Chorkie

still, you should know, If you’re seriously considering espousing a Chorkie.

  • Before you borrow Yorkchi, consider how important time your new family member will spend alone. Flashback, a puppy dog requires constant attention.
  • Before you borrow a puppy dog, ask yourself if you can walk your canine several times throughout the day.
  • You also have the advantage of knowing that your canine is physically suitable to “ hold it ” for several hours at a stretch.
  • Ask anybody who has espoused an adult canine, and also borrow an adult canine.
  • still, consider fostering before committing, If you’re doubtful whether the new canine you’ve chosen is right for your family and life.

Adoption Center


Chorkie Rescues for Adoption

Other Dog Breed And Further Research


Chorkie Puppy dog price

The cost to buy a Chorkie varies greatly. It depends on numerous factors similar as the breeders ’ position, character, waist size, the lineage of the puppy dog, strain fashionability, training, socialization sweats, strain lines, and much further. Review how numerous Chorkie puppies for trade sell below.

The price of the Chorkie strain ranges between$ 400 to$ 500 USD on average.

Is a Chorkie a good dog?

They’re great family tykes but not for families with small children as they can be snappy when they’re played with too roughly as small children can do. They get on well with other faves, though occasionally they’re a bit size eyeless as they deal with larger creatures.

What problems do Chorkies have?

Chorkie Common Health Issues

Cookies are fitted to numerous of the same health issues are chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers. This includes but isn’t limited to skin problems and disinclinations, patellar luxation, and hypothyroidism. Skin problems may include dry skin, and bothered skin caused by disinclinations.

Do Chorkies bark a lot?

Cookies are also prone to barking a lot. This is because they feel the need to warn their people about anything that may be going on near them.

What’s a Chorkie?

Cookies are a small- but- potent cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a Chihuahua. Like their parent types, Chorkies may be bitsy, but they do not act like it!

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