American Pit Bull Terrier: Height, Weight, Care, Special Info

American Pit bull terriers, also affectionately known as” pitties,” are well-known for being loving and pious to their owners. However, chances are he will come your alternate shadow, following you anywhere and far and wide you go — and with a lovable smile to charge, If you bring a whole bull home.

Despite how popular the pups are, numerous negative misconceptions about American hole bull terriers still run rampant moment so much so, that some areas have indeed banned the power of” bully” types. ( Thankfully, hole bull bans around the nation are starting to get lifted as the tykes overcome their bad rep.)

Like with any other canine, if you love, watch for, and duly train your American hole bull terrier, you will wonder how anyone could ever suppose a pittie is anything but an angel. The key is to understand your pitty’s care and exercise requirements and to stay harmonious with positive underpinning training. However, you’ll have a lifelong friend at your side, If you check off these boxes.

  • Height: 17–21 inches
  • Weight: 35–70 pounds
  • Lifespan: 8–15 years
  • Size: medium (26-60 lbs.)

Breed Characteristics

American Pit Bull Terrier, also known as APBT, is devoted and reliable to their family. hole Bull is veritably intelligent and learns commands and tricks with ease. The strain is tender and delicate with folks and occasionally makes a lousy watchdog due to his tail-wagging avidity to hail the person at the door.

The American hole bull terrier is another strain honored by the United Kennel Club but not the American Kennel Club. Its ancestors were 19th- century terriers and bulldogs that came from the United Kingdom, and the strain took shape in North America in the late 19th century. sorely this strain has been generally used for conflict.

Although ultramodern American hole bull terriers can have a high prey drive and do not always get along with other tykes, they are known for forming strong bonds with their families. And as with utmost hole bull types, they tend to be pious and tender.

Be sure you have enough time to devote to play, fraternizing, and exercise if you’re considering espousing an American hole bull terrier.

Friendliness: 4PointExercise Needs: 4Point
Health Issues: 3PointBarking Tendencies: 3Point
Grooming Needs: 1PointShedding Level: 2Point
Training Needs: 4PointGood With Kids: 5Point
Good With Cats: 1PointGood As A Service Dog: 2Point
Good For Apartments & Small Homes: 2PointBiting Tendencies: 3Point
Energy Level: 4PointGood With Other Dogs: 1Point
Playfulness: 4PointSensitive to Cold Weather: 3Point
Sensitive to Warm Weather: 3PointGood For First-Time Pet Parents: 2Point


The American Pit Bull Terrier canine till the mid-19th century, the presently defunct English language Terriers and English language Bulldogs bred along to give a canine. That combined the lameness of the stalking canine with the strength and energy of the bulldog. These types of bred tykes within the British Islands came appertained to as bull and stalking tykes.

These tykes arrived in the USA. In the nineteenth century, they got to be the American hole Bull chasing doggy’s coordinated forerunners.

These tykes were employed in sports like bull-baiting and bear-baiting. These sports were formally excluded in 1835 once the UK introduced beast weal laws. These tykes arrived in America around 1845 to 1860, wherever the tykes fighting observe had durability. In Feb 1898, the strain was honored by the UKC and named a Yank hole Bull Hunting canine.

In the early twentieth century, hole bulls were employed to capture doggies in America for semi-wild bulls and gormandizers, chase swine, drive stock, and as family companions. hole Bull Terriers, with success, fill the part of companion tykes, operating tykes, and athletic sport tykes. These are represented the bulk of tykes used for black request canine fighting in America.

different names

  • Pitbull
  • Pitbull terrier
  • APBT (Alias Name)

Appearance And Personality

American hole Bull Terrier is a solid canine strain. They aren’t as muscular and as broad, and a medium-sized canine strain. He’s an intelligent and short-haired canine.

It’s a short fleece and swish, well-defined muscle structure, and its eyes are to be globular to round. And its cognizance is to be bitsy to medium-long. His tail is slightly thick and tapering to a degree, and his fleece is candescent, smooth, short, and stiff to the bit.

The American hole Bull Terrier is a fun-loving companion. They’re mild and patient with all their relations. Like any massive canine, American hole bulls Terrier ought to be supervised formerly with kiddies.

They have got a desire to bite, and since of their robust jaw, house possessors ought to offer them solid and sturdy toys that can keep them diverted to imaginary places bulls to be spirited and game.

To continue no matter what they’re doing in the face of adversity. These rates produce them as stubborn, tenacious, and intrepid. Though they’re important tykes, they’re not cold rainfall tykes and will be secure from problematic rudiments. American hole Bulls Terrier doesn’t stand alone for long ages and should suffer from separation anxiety.

Once wearied or alone for a prolonged time, they’ll notice their diversion. American hole Bull Terriers are active tykes that bear physical and internal stimulation. They like to learn commands and new tricks, thriving formerly given harmonious discipline.


The American hole Bull Terrier strain is raring to please and full over with enthusiasm. The American hole Bull Terrier is strong, confident, and tang every.

They’re in a veritably Fawn, Tan, Blue, Gray, Brown, Red, Black, White, patterned color. Because utmost hole Bull Terriers parade some position of canine aggression and its important constitution, it builds lovely family companions and has constantly noted for their kiddies ’ love.

Aggressive Geste toward humans is abnormal strain and largely undesirable. This strain needs a proprietor who can fastidiously fraternize and obedience train the canine.

These tykes love folks and haven’t any conception; their size is many effects of interference with being a lap dog. This strain will be alright in performance events due to its high position of intelligence and disposition to figure.

The American hole Bull Terrier is also athletic and contains a sturdy want to please folks. hole Bull isn’t naturally aggressive towards folks and is precious toward kiddies. The hole Bull strain has a high prey drive because it chases and subdues stock.

Since they’re veritably social order, they don’t feel to be the most suitable working canine option.

Health Problems & Solutions

Skin issue

American hole Bull Terrier strain may also be subject to multitudinous disinclinations, with some tykes sensitive to lawn. disinclinations may treat with antihistamines and skin vexation with soap and ointments.


Like all tykes, may be at threat of hipsterism abnormality, a heritable disfigurement within the joint between the hipsterism and hind legs. freaking region Bull could be a sturdy, muscular canine with bright cadaverous conformation.

Canine with the condition could moxie pain or discomfort and parade an uneven gait. This debit is occasionally tone-addressed by surgery and treated by correct weight operation.

Heart complaint

The American hole Bull Terrier is susceptible to varied styles of Cardiopathy and inborn heart blights as well as stopcock deformations and irregularities in a regular rush. numerous of these issues are minor and might be left undressed in an else healthy canine, whereas some could need surgery and drug.

Knee problems

still, these injuries will generally affect the final breakdown of the towel and age still. It’s familiar with all whole bull sort dogs due to their tendency to run as snappily as an implicit- jump from high places or maybe climb. One of the foremost common treatments is to use a brace to stabilize the factual ligament.

therefore, it’s time to heal; still, mending can also depend on effects just like the canine’s age and general health. The ligament will rupture, which can need surgery if the canine isn’t unbroken on a healthy diet and is allowed to continue jumping and being too active.

Weight problems

American hole Bull Terriers are largely muscular and active tykes, which suggests they like to eat. They particularly like high macromolecule and calorie diets. During this issue, solely answer is Canis familiar with drug, diet, and exercise.


In terms of fixing, the American hole bull terrier is a veritably low- conservation canine. They’re single-coated pups with short fur, so brushing is a breath.

You may be surprised that hole bull terriers need brushing at all! While it’s true you do not need to worry about fur tangling or matting due to a lack of brushing, running a comb or encounter through your pitties fleece once a week or so will help remove dead hair and short skin cells. That means lower shedding and a healthier, brilliant fleece.

Bath time will be a formerly-a-month circumstance. You do not want to bathe pitties too constantly, or you will strip their skin of nutritional natural canvases. And like any other canine, they will need regular teeth brushing and nail trims.

One area that may bear further care is the American hole bull terrier’s cognizance. It’s important to clean your pitties cognizance regularly( about twice a month) with a warhorse-approved observance cleaning result. But, if you live in sticky terrain or if your pittie enjoys swimming stages around the pool, you may want to do daily observance cleanings to help against infections.

While the pitty’s grooming conditions are enough low-key, you can not say the same for their exercise needs.
” Pitbulls are strong tykes, so doing training and furnishing the right quantum of exercise is really important,” Ellis says.

So, how important exercise does your American hole bull terrier need? Between 30 – 45 twinkles of diurnal exertion are ideal, and it does not inescapably need to be anything violent like running a 5K.

” A diurnal walk and some playtime are perfect for them,” Ellis says.” Chancing a nice way for them to get their exercise and meet their internal stimulation is crucial, so try effects like training tricks and sports, like lure coursing.”

Like other terrier types, tykes classified as hole bulls are intelligent with a spontaneous prey drive. This means they may be more likely to chase small beasties, like neighborhood squirrels. Because of this and their advanced-than-average intelligence, your pitty will have a ball with conditioning that combines physical and internal stimulation.

Best Food For


Feed the right food twice a day to the American hole Bull Terrier. A portion of honest pet food is eating meat with many foods like rice, peanut housing, and soybean shop or sludgebran.

However, elect a lower-protein food rather, If your canine doesn’t get the maximum quantum of exercise you’d like. Wet foodstuff and dry kibble are each respectable.

American Pitbull Terrier puppies ought to eat softened dry food 2 to 3 times daily. Once a puppy dog is weaned, continue feeding 2 to further times per day, employing a high-quality food created for giant types till the canine is concerning twelve months developed.

Beef is one of the foremost reasonable sources of meat for your puppy dog Pitbull Terrier canine. Beef is fat in a super patch, B vitamins, iron, selenium, and zinc.

Beast super patch is the stylish force of protein for hole bulls tykes. A lot of nutrients in the meat are for your canine. Feed your American hole bull terrier Fish, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, and Organ meat.

Vegetables and Fruits are necessary for a grown-up and puppy dog Pitbull terrier canine diet. They’re a precious force of fiber that helps with digestion.


Clean Hole Bull Teeth

Brush your American hole bull terrier twice a week. Use a toothbrush specifically created for a canine or a cutlet-tip encounter wrapped around your cutlet to encounter your American hole Bull Terrier’s teeth. Hold the mouth with one hand, and encounter the contrary.

Do Brush during an indirect stir with the comb command at a 45- degree angle to the good line. Make sure to prompt the fronts, ace, and sides of every tooth. This way, you should clean the tooth of the American hole bull Terrier Dong.

American hole Bull Terriers can indeed suffer from dental illness. thus specialists suggest regular teeth remittal. Daily brushing is stylish. still, your canine can like a radical teeth remittal numerous times every week.

His teeth ought to be white and freed from unheroic tartar, and also, the epoxies ought to feel healthy and pink. Epoxies that bleed once you perform dental remittal might have periodontitis. However, also incontinently consult with a pet croaker, If you see any infection in a canine’s teeth.

observance & Other corridor

Use a damp, clean fabric to wipe your American hole Bull Terriers fur formerly brushing. Make sure to maneuver from its neck to its tail following the grain of its fur.

Rubbing or combing your pitbull terrier canine fur can encourage any dirt or scrap in its fleece to take hold of its skin rather than removing it.

Clean your American hole bull canine’s cognizance once every week.

Please keep your pet’s cognizance hence from wax and dirt by sanctifying them with a light canine observance cleanser. Gently wipe any liquid, dirt, and wax out of the observance you’ve purified employing a clean factory complaint, also repeat the complete system on the contrary observance. also, massage on the loftiest of the cognizance.


American hole Bull Terriers are able of outstripping in several areas that demand a high position of power. Socialization is a vital part of guiding American hole bull Terrier.

The American hole bull Terrier act with different tykes from an associate degree early age can grease them understand that different creatures and other people don’t feel to be pitfalls. It’d jointly cut back their aggressive tendencies in social effects.

When his young, you must start socialization with your whole bull terrier canine. The antedating six months are especially pivotal in fraternizing your canine.

In logrolling, instruct your Pitbull solely event. First, begin by tutoring them with introductory commands tell No, yes, sit, come, and go. Attempt to increase your attention with them.

Educate your American hole Bull Terrier canine to bear rightly with different tykes. else, once they see other tykes, they’re going to fight with them. Take your whole bull terrier canine outside veritably first thing in the morning once refections and rest time before the hour. It may enable them that it isn’t a suitable place to exclude.


The American Pitbull Terriers are energetic and may get a minimum of thirty to forty twinkles of vigorous exercise per day.

The diurnal walk is essential for a Pitbull solely to release some repressed energy. The walk permits your Pitbull to stimulate the mind with the sights, sounds and smells they’re available across.

diurnal walks are far better than nothing all week and an enormous walk at the weekend. Dogs also like diurnal routines, therefore essay to record the walk for around the same time daily.

Attempt Handling, biking, or calisthenics together with an American hole Bull Terrier canine actually to get them moving. The Pitbull has moderate stamina situations for a muscular canine so they will make excellent handling mates.

The Pitbull is energetic, robust, and has important stamina. immaculately, you would like to seek out conditioning that will burn energy in a terse quantum of your time and use these chops.

It could include high-intensity games, and strength coaching suggested to keep their muscles in peak condition. These are a number of the counseled conditioning and games to play together with your American Pitbull Terrier.

You play Jolly Ball Weight actuation with them. American hole Bull Terrier is sensible short-distance handling mates with spectacular muscles for medium tykes, and their sprint speed is quicker than several different types.

Running around a brace of three long hauls is going to be excellent for them. American-hole Bull Terriers haven’t gotten sensible stamina and are not applicable for long jogs, marathons, or races. Several terriers like to dig. Give an area of dig box for them so that they will dig to their heart’s content.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • hole Bull Terrier is energetic and athletic and simply trained canine strain.
  • They don’t like to do daily fixing.
  • He’s friendly and good with children.
  • He’s a great companion and humorous.
  • hole Bull Terrier can guard your home.
  • He’s super pious about individualities.


  • hole Bull Terrier isn’t sensible for the new canine proprietor this strain simply demanded an educated proprietor.
  • When hole Bull Terriers can fight with other tykes, they won’t stop until the contrary canine is seriously injured.
  • They’ve some health issues.

How Are hole Bull with kiddies?

The American Pitbull Terriers are friendly with the kiddies. They like to play and snuggle with them which makes them the proper companions for children.

hole Bulls are athletic tykes and forcefully designed; it’s injudicious to go down from them unattended around youths. hole Bulls are ignorant of their strength, and a toddler may be simply accidentally knocked over throughout the buoyant play.

Also, as a result of hole Bulls being terribly food-driven and having a high prey drive, children ought to be tutored noway to tease a hole Bull with either food or toys.

Adoption Center

Other Dog Breed And Further Research


American pit bull terrier price in India

Although the cost of a pitbull and its overall care varies depending on the area, often you will need to pay Rs. from anywhere to spend. 5,000 to Rs. 90,000 with an average of Rs. 30,000, for a Pitbull puppy only, depending on the pet store, breeder, and bloodline of the dog.

Are American hole Bull Terriers aggressive?

No, American hole Bull Terriers aren’t naturally aggressive or dangerous, however like any other type of canine, they can come that way due to neglect, abuse, lack of training, and reckless pet parents. With proper training and socialization, Pitties won’t parade these traits.

What 2 types make an American hole Bull Terrier?

A hole bull is a fighting canine developed in 19th- century England, Scotland, and Ireland from bulldog and terrier strains for stalking. It’s also called an American hole Bull Terrier.

Is American Pitbull a good guard canine?

While hole Bulls aren’t good guard tykes because they just love people so much, they may mediate if someone threatens “ their ” humans. hole Bulls are great with children. hole Bulls are a pious, people-acquainted strain that thrives as part of the family. They’re tender with both grown-ups and children.

What is the American hole Bull Terrier known for?

utmost hole bulls are delightful-loving companions, gentle and patient with all their family members( with the veritably likely exception of other hole bulls). As with all types, there are exceptions. hole bulls were bred to be valorous and game, to continue whatever they’re doing in the face of adversity.

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